Rotor is a live-cinema performance researching the characteristics of virtual audio-visual space in relation to the classic notion of film.
Rotor is a collaboration between Boris Debackere (audio) and Brecht Debackere (video).

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No Upcoming Performance

passed performances

-Tilburg (NL): Playgrounds Festival,30/10/2008
-Gent (BE): S.M.A.K.,18/07/2008
-Montreal (CA): Mutek,30/05/2007
-Lille(FR): Paysages Electroniques,06/04/2007
-Amsterdam(NL): VERSCH electronic music & audiovisual art,17/02/2007
-Eindhoven(NL):TUE Game-event + Dorkbot presentation, 09/12/2006
-Florence (IT):Festival della Creatività, 1/12/2006
-Brussels(B):Cimatics, 17/11/2006
-Madrid(ES): Sonic Acts DVD compilation at La Casa Encendida
-Seoul(ROK): SonarSound/Sonarfiles group exhibition.
-Barcelona(ES): "Expanded Cinema : Sonic Acts" filmprogram at Sonar
-Amsterdam(NL): We are part of the Holland Festival Orchestre Audiovisuel, 08/06/2006.
-Amsterdam(NL):Victorian Circus II, 05/04/2006
-Eindhoven(NL):STRP!, 24/03/2006
-Amsterdam(NL):Sonic Acts XI, 25/02/2006
-Leuven(B):Artefact, 16/02/2006
-Bologna(IT):Netmage06, 28/01/2006
-Rotterdam(NL):Worm 19/11/2005
-Rotterdam(NL): Worm 18/11/2005
-Den Haag(NL):<>TAG004, 17/11/2005
-Den Bosch(NL):Artots, 16/11/2005
-Nijmegen(NL):Extrapool, 15/11/2005
-Amsterdam(NL):Kraakgeluiden, 14/11/2005
-Rotterdam(NL):V2, 04/06/2005