Erasing #_01 – LOOP

ERASING #_01 from Brecht on Vimeo.

Erasing #_01 is part of a series of generative computer films. 2 cubes, white and black, rotate along 1 axis at different speeds. They leave their own traces and erase the traces of the other.


Vector from Brecht on Vimeo.

Quick ‘n dirty depth-map visualization in Jitter

In Retrospect #2: Beijing Accelerator by Marnix de Nijs

Software development and visualization for Dutch new media artist Marnix de Nijs’ Beijing Accelerator installation.

More info on this and his other works on his website.

Bit Quilt

Made with Processing

Vimeo’s compression screws up the details quite a bit so watch it in action in realtime here.

As there are some random values at work, refreshing will yield variations.

Based on the function designed by D. Sleator in 1976: f(x, y) = ((x ^ y) & ((y – 350) >> 3)) ** 2.

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